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Pizza and Origami Party


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Go Ask Alice…from the Twilight Saga

It’s the Alice fortune telling widget! Ask her anything, “Will Bella become a vampire?” “Will Jacob get any taller?” “What’s for dinner tonight?”
Have fun!

The Luxe

Readers who have enjoyed the Gossip Girl series might be interested in a new series by Anna Godbersen called The Luxe. It has many of the same elements that resonated with fans of Gossip Girl. There are the catty city girls with big attitudes (and bank accounts to match) who compete for handsome and aloof men with hidden agendas. The A-list attends lavish and elegant all-night parties wearing custom couture. The twist here is the setting: New York in the year 1899 during the late-Victorian era. Yes, the ladies shop at Lord & Taylor, but imagine working with a personal dressmaker to create a dress of wedding-gown proportions for a simple evening affair. Not too shabby.
I enjoyed the book, mainly for the historical references to Old New York society and the fun look into the privileged world of the insanely wealthy. The characters you meet along the way are mix of spoiled, conceited, devious, and just plain nasty, but you enjoy spending time with them despite their faults.
The book did have a somewhat predictable plot, but the writing was very descriptive and the pace kept me turning the pages long after I had figured out the twist. The story starts with the funeral services marking the untimely loss of Elizabeth Holland, Manhattan’s lovely and gorgeous eighteen-year-old socialite. (Think Paris Hilton with brains and a heart-of-gold). The book then takes you back a few weeks to the events leading to the funeral. Along the way you are introduced to Elizabeth’s fiancé, the debonair Henry Schoonmaker, her best “frienemy” and fiercest competitor, Penelope Hayes, and Elizabeth’s younger rebellious sister, Diana. There are other sub-plots involving the servants and star-crossed lovers along the way, but the focus is always on the lifestyles of the rich and fabulous. It was a definitely a fun summer read and the ending lends itself to the sequel, Rumors, which is due out shortly.
Check out the website for an interactive look into the world of The Luxe here:
Happy reading!
Sharon Long
Teen Services Librarian

Twilight Trivia and book discussion

Hey everyone!
Next Monday night from 7:00-8:30 we are having a Twilight trivia game in the style of Jeopardy with prizes and snacks galore. Everyone will take home SOMETHING. And don’t be scared of the book discussion – it’s summer so you won’t be graded for participation. Come and debate Edward vs. Jacob. Or just tell us why you love or hate the cast for the movie version. We won’t bite. Promise.

New interview with Stephenie Meyer and ‘Twilight’ movie article

Fans of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga will be interested to learn that Entertainment Weekly has not one but TWO new cover story articles about the Twilight saga. The first link is an interview with the vampire (creator) herself, Ms. Meyer, and the second is a visit to the set of the film Twilight. The movie is scheduled to hit theatres on December 12.
Stephenie Mayer interview:,,20211938,00.html
Twilight Movie article:,,20211840,00.html

Allow myself to introduce…myself*

Hello everyone! My name is Sharon Long and I am the new Teen Services Librarian at Syosset Public Library. Please stop by TeenSpace on the 3rd floor and introduce yourself the next time you visit the library. I can’t promise that I’ll remember everyone’s name unless you also sign up for our teen programs (yeah, that’s a sneaky way of me saying “Please sign up for programs!”)
I look forward to meeting you,
Sharon Long
Teen Services Librarian
*Did anyone guess the movie that quote is from?