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The Graveyard book

The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman
I did not expect that a story beginning with a murder, set primarily in a graveyard about a boy named Nobody (“Bod”) Owens and his extended family of…well, dead people, would reduce me to a blubbering, teary-eyed mess at the end. But there you have it. Neil Gaiman does it again, creating a rich fantasy world with funny and warm characters and storylines alluding to both historical and mythical events and people. We get to peek into Bod’s young life after the horrific opening event leaves him an orphan. He is quickly embraced by his new ghost family: Mr & Mistress Owens, and his dryly overprotective guardian and mentor, Silas. The graveyard community supports Bod as he grows up, while providing him with a very unconventional and quirky upbringing. Living in the graveyard does have its perks, as Bod learns tricks like Fading and Dreamwalking, and history lessons from characters like the Ancient Roman Caius Pompeius and others who were actually there way back when.The author of the YA book Coraline knows how to draw readers in; his stories grab you and don’t let go until long after you finally put the book down. This book is getting a lot of well-deserved critical acclaim, and with characters you grow to love and just the right amount of trickery, action, ghouls, suspense and fun, it’s easy to see why.
Sharon Long
Teen Services Librarian