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I Want Candy!

Happy New Year!

Our last teen program of 2011 was on Friday, December 30 – our Junk Food Art Competition.  But perhaps I should say “competition” since it was all in good fun and the artwork created by the teens was really very impressive.

To be honest, when I began brainstorming a fun, food-related new program, I came across some other libraries where they did candy mosaics and I really liked the idea.  So, I thought we’d decoupage a picture frame with candy and they could take it home.  But I had second thoughts:

1. We’d need to shellac to seal the candy so it wouldn’t get nasty and moldy.  But we’d have to spray something.  There is no way to ventilate the meeting room, so we’d have to have someone (me) go outside to spray the art (in the cold).

2. I’d need to figure out how to glue the candy to the frame.  Again – can’t use strong-smelling glue or a hot glue gun (too many kids, it would take forever for me to glue everyone’s candy).

3. Then I thought, what if someone took home their candy frame and had a younger sibling try to eat the candy (now sprayed with shallac).  This worried me, becuase it’s totally something my son would do. Darn.

Okay, so I nixed the frame idea and thought about making the art totally edible – so we used a graham cracker base with vanilla icing as glue.  Problem solved!

I set up a “smashing station” with wooden hammers and plastic freezer bags so they could smash up the hard candy into little pieces (withough making a huge mess).  This worked great for the lollipops and candy canes.

Smashing station at full capacity

This did not work well with jelly beans.  They just mushed.

We had 3 winners for fan favorite, most colorful and most creative:

Fan Favorite

Most creative

 Most colorful

Rainbows rocked!

Photos of the mosaics will be on display in TeenSpace, so stop by!
Sharon Long
Teen Services Librarian