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Teen Hunger Games Program

All of our Tributes, representing Districts 1-12, had a fun-filled and relatively non-violent Hunger Games on Monday night.  There were games, challenges and even Mockingjay cupcakes. And lots of prizes.  All in anticipation of the Hunger Games movie opening on Friday, March 23.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you probably know a little bit about the Hunger Games trilogy.  Teens fight to the death in the Arena during a cruel televised event known as the Hunger Games.  The main character is Katniss from District 12, the poorest of the Districts, who is fighting in place of her little sister Prim.  Etc. etc.

How did we structure the program?  We started by having the Reaping, where the Tributes were selected, and the Districts were assigned. Once everyone had their assignment, we headed over to the Training Center to prepare for the Arena.

There were 3 events in the Training Center.  First up was the Edible Plant Identification challenge:

Our Tributes had to name all 6 edible herbs by smell and/or taste.  They were Rosemary, Dill (one of the Tributes pointed out that I accidentally left the label on  – freebie!), mint, parsley (surprisingly the toughest one), sage, and cilantro.  Although nobody guessed all 6 correctly, we had several tied with 4 correct.  Let that be a reminder: pack a book about edible plants if you head out into any survival-type event, people!

Next up:

Knot Tying Challenge.  Here it paid to be a boy/girl scout, but many people were able to complete the challenge.  We had them recreate 4 standard knots using lanyard.  The Square Knot, The Slip Knot, a Figure Eight and the Sheet Bend.  They did surprisingly well.  Who knew that our Tributes had mad knot-tying skills =)

Last event in the Training Center:

Target Practice using a slingshot and fuzzy gold puffballs (ok, not very threatening, but they looked cool.)  This was one of those, “either you get it or you don’t” kind of skills.  It was tricky, but we had at least one Tribute get the target:

Having completed their training, we sent them into the Arena for the Cornicopia Challenge.  This was taken with permission and adapted from the Bethany Media Center in Amity Middle School in Bethany, CT. They do a fabulous school library program for the Hunger Games, so check it out here:

The basic idea is that the Tributes choose supplies from the Cornicopia without knowing which ones will be the most useful.


I then read them a story about their 3 days in the Arena, assigning point values to the supplies and tallying up who had chosen the best supplies based on the number of points they accrued at the end.  Sounds confusing?  It really wasn’t and we had clear winners.  When in doubt, choose shoes, water containers, a bow and arrow and some rain gear.  And don’t eat poisionous berries!

We had some trivia at the end and awarded prizes to our top contenders.  Prizes included movie passes, The Hunger Games Cookbook, a parody book called The Hunger Pains (haha), the movie soundtrack, and some donated gifts from Nassau Library System’s Renee McGrath (thanks!) such as a Mockingjay pin and a signed bookplate from author Suzanne Collins.

Of course we wrapped it up with some Mockingjay cupcakes, too:

I think it was a lot of fun and the teens who came were so awesome, so thanks, Tributes!

Can’t wait for the movie!  May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

Sharon Long

Teen Services Librarian