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Being Especially Thankful This Year

If you are one of the lucky ones on Long Island, this year you will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the comforts of a warm home, surrounded by loved ones.  You have survived Superstorm Sandy unscathed, and after getting your power back, after patching up the damages left behind from a few fallen trees, you have returned to Life As Normal.

Many have not.

We had a taste of what to be thankful for already.  Warmth, food, shelter, electricity, tv, short gas lines, family, safety.  Having a home that is dry and warm.  Having our family safe and sound.  Please remember all that you have to be thankful for this holiday season by paying it forward. 

You can give to the Red Cross.  You can package up a care package and take it to a shelter or food bank.  You can pair up with other local to Long Island volunteer organizations such as Island Harvest or The INN.

Just do something, when you can.  It’s time to pay it forward.  Be thoughtful and thankful this season.

Stay safe and have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Sharon Long

Teen Services Librarian

Some information from Island Harvest:

Holiday Food Drive


This type of food drive is wonderful for the group who would like a hand’s on approach to raising food. Once you have decided with your group to do this type of drive, you will need to establish two dates. First you will need to establish the date that you would leave a written notice at your neighbor’s house and second would be the notice explaining that your group is having a food drive to help people in the community that need our help. The notice should include the date, time and location where
to leave the food and the date your group will pick it up. Also include in the notice the type of food we suggest donating.

Once the donations are collected and brought back to a central location, you will need to weigh the items, call Doreen Principe at 631-873-4775 ext. 208 and let her know how many pounds you have and a date you need the food picked up. (a house scale is good to weigh the food) We suggest using copy paper boxes weighing no more than 40 lbs, they help our drivers manage the food better. If you have less than 150 pounds please call us for further details or you can drop it at any of our three locations. Island Harvest can provide you with a copy of the notice to be left with the neighbor. (you will need to make the copies). We will also provide a letter of thanks for the group’s effort’s (listing all the names) and will forward it to the person or organization of your choice.

How to Run a Holiday Food Drive

  • Select Food Drive Dates – First, you should decide on dates for your food drive.
  • Contact Island Harvest – Download and complete our Register for a food Drive Form. Contact Doreen at 631-873-4775 ext. 208 or with questions.
  • Set a Goal – Each $1 counts as 4 pounds of food. A great tip for a successful food drive is setting a goal.
  • Get Creative – Compete against classrooms, add competition to your homecoming, challenge your teachers, plan an event, collect food or cash from your neighbors and friends.
  • How Many Barrels? – Determine how many barrels to order (one barrel holds an average of 125 pounds of food). Generally we suggest using copy paper boxes instead, it helps our drivers manage the food better.
  • Schedule Delivery and Pickup – Once you have planned your drive, you should contact Island Harvest to arrange for delivery of barrels if needed, (Suggest using copy paper boxes makes pick up easier for drivers and volunteers) donation envelopes, and other supplies you may need to conduct your drive.
  • Check In – Please call us during your drive to let us know how you are doing.

Teen Guest Post on Instagram

I’m trying to get more teens to post reviews of books, movies, apps, websites etc., so this week’s guest post is by Harley Weinstein:

Hey guys! I would like to inform you all on this wonderful fun and easy app called Instagram.

Instagram is a free app in the app store (also available on Android phones) and is a great way to express your creativity side and edit photos just the way you like you can follow anyone you want, and they can follow you back. You can view other people’s photos and also like their photos and comment.


It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family. Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, and then post to Instagram. Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too – it’s so easy.

It’s photo sharing reinvented. Instagram is also a way of being in contact with your friends and posting pictures of fun times and old times.

Thank you to Harley for the guest post. 

Sharon Long

Teen Services Librarian