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Project Runway 2013

We wrapped up our Project Runway for Teens program with a fashion show last night.  The designers made some fun and fabulous outfits and I took some pictures of the creative process.

The program is structured into 2 parts: week 1 is the fashion design part where the teens get to sketch their designs and learn about portfolio drawings from instructor Ivy Bell-Bazer.  I took some pictures of their work.

Very impressive – with fabric swatches to match.

Week 2, the teens could either continue with their designs from week 1, or create something new for the runway.

We set up the runway with lights and red carpet, and had the girls walk down and pose for a photo op.  The instructor, Ivy, asked them to describe the outfit and where the model was going.  Some of the responses were very funny and the photos came out great:

This is a side-by-side of the runway outfit with the sketch.  When asked where she was going, the designer’s response was “down the rabbit hole!”

This is another side-by-side.  Loved the ribbon on the skirt.

And some more unique creations:

Beachwear, obvs. Love the lace poncho.

Going to a party, with a bag to match.

Good use of sequins here.

Okay, the orange feathered hat made this outfit.

Came complete with green sequined shoes.

Perfect floral/sequined mix to wear to the Grammys.

Can you see her?  I was told you couldn’t take her picture… because she’s a vampire,

Something to wear for a day shopping in SoHo.

The designers made it work, and will hopefully continue to design in the future!

Thanks to all who participated!

Sharon Long

Teen Services Librarian