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New Books

Many new books have arrived this week. Stop by teenspace and check out the new books!


A debut entry in a new series by the best-selling author of Vampire Academy follows the experiences of a countess from the realm of Osfrid who assumes a different identity and makes friends at the Glittering Court school for upper-class ladies in order to escape an arranged marriage.

The teenage princess of a future-world Canadian superpower, where royal children are held hostage to keep their countries from waging war, falls in love with an American prince who rebels against the brutal rules governing their existences.

A conclusion to the series by the acclaimed author of Anna Dressed in Blood finds a bereaved Athena trapped in the underworld while Cassandra embarks on a quest alongside the god of death, and Hermes struggles to power up Andie and Henry before his time runs out.

“Seventeen-year-old Aaron is hooked on FUN, a new augmented reality experience that is as addictive as it is FUN. But when he sets off on a treasure hunt, left by his late grandfather, Aaron must navigate the real world and discover what it means to connect–after the game is over”–


Babysitting Workshop

Babysitting Workshop

Teen Advisory Board Meeting Thursday, 4/21


Teen Advisory Board Meeting on Thursday, 4/21 at 7 P.M

Get involved @ your library by joining the teen advisory board! Community service credit available. In TeenSpace, no registration required. Free. Refreshments will be served.

High School Sophomore’s launch CHOICE bracelets to help suffering teens.

Emmie Levy and Jessica Rosen are the founders and designers of this hot new bracelet line to raise awareness for suffering teens. While feeling her own stresses of meeting with college advisors, Jess realized that it seemed everyone her age was struggling with something; friendship, school, personal identity, family, isolation, even depression. So many teens were unhappy, instead of making these the best years of their lives. Many even cut or were suicidal.

Jess wanted to make a difference and leverage her passion to help.  Jess contacted one of her closets friends Emmie.   Emmie’s compassion, empathy, and kindness truly inspired Jess, which is why she wanted to create with her something that would give hope, connection, and meaning to positively inspire others.  Showing everyone that life is truly the most precious gift of all; and so our cause, CHOICE, was born.   Remember you are not alone. Please visit additional information and full line of CHOICE bracelets.

A portion of the proceeds goes to various charities supporting struggling teens  Contact Information:

Instagram: @choicebracelets



purple bracelet

pink bracelet

tan bracelet black bracelet

Paint Afternoon


National Poetry Month




April is national poetry month. Try a new poetry book that you have never read before. There are many selections available on the third floor. Here are some titles to get you started reading.

poisoned apples

An evocative treasury of 50 free-verse poems that juxtapose fairy-tale elements against the life of a modern teen explores the universal cruelty of judgment, pressure and self-doubt while reflecting how girls are taught to think about themselves, their friends and their bodies.

a maze me

Written for a young female audience, a collection captures the wide array of coming-of-age emotion, drama, angst, and joy through 72 poems dealing with friendship, school, community, love, and family.


A middle-grade novel in verse follows the experiences of twin basketball stars Josh and Jordan, who struggle with challenges on and off the court while their father ignores his declining health.

celebrate through heartsongs

A new collection of poetry from the young author, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, shares his message of universal peace, hope, courage, and love.