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New YA Reads

In a story told from two viewpoints, seventeen-year-old Raychel relies on the support of her overachieving best friend Matt while secretly sleeping with his brother Andrew, and Matt tries to play hero and hide how much he loves her.


Raised to be an elite spy, 17-year-old Reagan must choose whether she will honor her family’s legacy by using her incredible talents to lead a dangerous life, or throw it all away to pursue a normal relationship with the boy she loves.


A 16-year-old girl with bipolar disorder struggles to navigate a new relationship that conflicts with her tendency to push others away, an effort that is complicated by a former friend and the truth about how their relationship ended.

When two sisters living next door to him drown themselves in the neighborhood quarry, Ben begins receiving cryptic postmortem notes from one of the girls directing him to clues about the terrible secrets that complicated the girls’ lives.

After being mugged, seventeen-year-old Gretchen is still struggling to deal with her fears when she meets Phoenix, an eighteen-year-old immigrant from El Salvador.


Screen-Agers-Growing Up in the Digital Age

Valentine’s Day Maker Crafts

Teens had fun 3D printing and using the Cricut Cutting machine to make Valentine’s Day cards and gifts.


Valentine's Day maker Crafts

Opening line book quotes for Valentine’s Day