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Learn to speak Pirate!

Ahoy Mateys!
In anticipation of a certain upcoming movie premiere (we love you Captain Jack) and in preparation for International Talk Like a Pirate Day is just around the corner the Mango Languages Team has developed a brand new super special language course – Pirate!
Pirate is bold, brazen, chock full of eccentric insults, and incredibly fun to speak. If that’s not enough reason to learn it, Mango is offering this course for FREE now through June 30th!
Here’s the link to Mango Pirate: All you have to do is scroll down and click the big orange button that says “start learning Pirate”.
If you enjoy learning a new language, you can choose to learn even more from Mango at our website: The link to Mango is right on our home page.
Have fun insulting ye fellow scallywags!
Sharon Long
Teen Services Librarian

Database of the Month – Biography Resource Center

The Syosset Public Library’s Biography Resource Center is a database of biographical information on over 340,000 individuals throughout history, around the world and across all disciplines and subject areas. It is a perfect resource for students wanting summary or detailed biographical information and can be accessed from the Homework Help-Biographies section of the TeenSpace website.
Biographical information is culled from over 135 reference sources and 300 magazines and includes over 26,000 images. Biography Resource Center includes Thumbnail biographies as well as in depth Narrative biographies. In addition, there are magazine articles and links to websites containing further information. A Recent Update window displays a brief summary of recent events that will ultimately be included in the person’s biography.
Searches can be performed based on the person’s name, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, year of birth or death and many more criteria. The homepage also contains a “Spotlight On” person, with a link to that person’s biographical material.
So, give Biography Resource Center a try.
Ed Goldberg
Teen Services Librarian

Database of the Month – Career (and College) Cruising

Career Cruising
Looking for the right college?
Search our Career Cruising Database–a one-stop online resource that can help you make important decisions about colleges and careers.
School Selector:
Explore colleges and universities to find schools that match your needs; search criteria include tuition, major, athletics, and campus life
Includes data on two– and four–year colleges, as well as technical and trade schools
Find admission requirements, estimated expenses and freshman profiles
Financial Aid Selector:
Investigate financial aid programs to find scholarships, grants, or fellowship programs for which you qualify
Search for specific financial aid programs
Career Matchmaker:
An interactive survey finds jobs that match your interests
Browse in-depth occupation descriptions, including working conditions, earnings, and education requirements
View multimedia interviews with people in each career, plus “A Day in the Life” walk-throughs
Save your search results in a personal portfolio that you can retrieve from any computer with Internet access.
If you have Internet access, you can use Career Cruising at home!
1. Go to
2. Click on TeenSpace.
3. Click on “College/Career Information”.
4. Look for the heading “Syosset Public Library Databases”. Click on the Career Cruising link below it.
5. You will be asked to enter your 14 digit barcode number, which is located on the back of your library card (21703000_ _ _ _ _ _).
Ed Goldberg
Teen Services Librarian

Database of the Month – Literature Resource Center

A common homework assignment is the preparation of literary critical analyses. The Syosset Public Library’s Literature Resource Center database is your one-stop shopping source of biographical and critical information on American and foreign authors and their works. It can be accessed from the Homework Help-Literature section of the TeenSpace website.
Literature Resource Center offers a wealth of information including criticism, biographies, bibliographies, work overviews, Web sites, journal articles, compare and contrast pages, and reading lists. It contains over 650,000 full text journal articles from over 300 literary journals, 70,000 critical essays, 7,000 work overviews and 140,000 author biographies. It also includes the Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature, featuring 10,000 definitions of literary terms and brief author biographies.
Users can search by title, author’s name, ethnicity, nationality, genre or literary movement, keyword or historical period. The results of your search will include links to biographies, literary criticism, bibliographies, additional information and a historical timeline. A nice feature of Literature Resource Center is its Guide to Conducting Literary Research, a step-by-step approach to tackling your assignment (click on Research Guide to access this feature). Try using Literature Resource Center the next time you have to critically analyze a book.
Ed Goldberg
Teen Services Librarian

Database of the Month – LitFINDER

Do you know the first line of a poem and need the rest of the text? Do you want to find a story about snow or puppies? Need to pick an essay, play or speech for a project? LitFINDER will enable you to find your answer. It can be accessed from the Homework Help-Literature section of the TeenSpace website.
This database contains over 100,000 full text entries and citations of many more. So, the chances are LitFINDER will contain the text you are looking for or direct you to a book that contains it. You can search by keyword, author name, pseudonym, birth and death years, title of work, publication date, genre, first line, last line, timeline, gender, religion and more. (Search Tip: The Advanced Search is easier to use than the Basic Search.) LitFINDER provides a glossary of poetry terms, brief explanations on the most-studied contemporary poems and stories, concise author biographies and illustrations. LitFINDER, in conjunction with the Syosset Public Library’s Literature Resource Center database which contains literary criticism (to be featured next month), provides a powerful tool for your English projects.
Ed Goldberg
Teen Services Librarian

Database of the Month — CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher is your source for information on the American Government, the Electoral Process and current events issues. It can be accessed from the Homework Help section of the TeenSpace website. It is located both in the Current Events and Government categories and it has three components:
CQ Researcher Online: contains in-depth, unbiased coverage of current issues including health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy. Each report is researched and written by a seasoned journalist.
CQ Encyclopedia of American Government: contains sections on the Presidency, Congress, the Supreme Court , the Constitution and Elections. An up to date resource on the American Government, it includes documents and explanations of each branch of government, the Constitution and the electoral process.
CQ Supreme Court Collection: contains sections on Supreme Court cases, Justices and Cases-in-Context. It blends historical analysis with timely updates and expert commentary of Supreme Court decisions, biographies of justices, Supreme Court history, and the U.S. Constitution.