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Mosaic Picture Frame Craft

On Monday, we made some fun picture frames (potential Mother’s Day gifts, perhaps?) using craft supplies to create a mosaic effect.


  • Various Dollar store picture frames
  • Small mosaic glass tiles
  • Larger broken tile pieces
  • Sea shells
  • Rhinestones
  • Glue Dots (regular and mini)

Listen folks, I wasn’t about to break out the mortar and grout for a fun Monday night craft, but by all means – if you are so inclined to mosaic properly, just leave enough time for everything to dry and set properly.  The way I did it was Glue Dots – those things are super sticky and allow fun and easy crafting.

Sometimes it’s more fun to just present them the materials and see what the kids come up with.


It was a fun chance to see their creativity,

and I hope everyone had fun!

Thanks to all who attended.

Sharon Long

Teen Services Librarian