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Video Game Design Workshop *More dates in May*

Hi everyone,

We had the first part of our April Teen Video Game Design sessions this week and it was a packed house.  The Sharper Training Solutions team designed an awesome and informative 2 session class to teach you how to design your own video games. In this hands-on class, you will get an introduction to the basics of video game creation.  You will construct rooms and doorways, add a player, objects, colors, lighting and more.  Laptops are provided and the software they use is the Genesis 3D software which can be downloaded free from here:

We had a great turnout and a mix of guys and girls, which is always nice.

I snapped a few shots of the teams working on their games and can’t wait to see what they come up with on Monday!

**This class was so popular we’re offering it again in May on Wednesdays, May 22 & 29 6:30 -8:30 PM**

Sharon Long

Teen Services Librarian

Spring Cleaning

Hi everyone,

It’s been a busy, busy April already, with our awesome DIY nail art program and last Friday’s awesome Open Mic Night!

For starters, check out our talented “nail artists”:

Creating cupcakes, rainbows and a style called the “caviar” manicure.  Basically, you use microbeads from any craft store (usually found in the scrapbooking aisle) and apply them to your nails when wet.  They still and leave a textured appearance much like little caviar!

Here we have a mix of sparkles, leopard print, polka dots and the caviar style I mentioned.

I love how vibrant these colors appear – neon fluorescence!

This is a cool mix of vibrant matte blue and caviar beads – she really “nailed it!” Ha.


Then on Friday, April 12, we had our 6th annual Open Mic Night.  I want to make a mention that our open Mic Night was started and promoted originally by one of our Teen Advisory Board members, Ted Tiller, who is a fabulous young writer and poet.  You can check out his writing here at his blog:

Anyway, at this year’s Open Mic Night we had an eclectic mix of acts ranging from singing, break dancing and martial arts.  Our performers were great and sang with our latest invention: Phone karaoke (on any Smart phone/device).  Phoneoke?  Maybe…?

This is a patented (just kidding) technique in which we find a song on youtube (karaoke style if possible) play it on the phone while plugging it into an iHome speaker with a microphone to amplify the sound through our theater’s sound system.  Then, if you need the lyrics?  No problem, just use a second phone (borrow your friend’s!) to look up the lyrics and hold that as you sing.  Oh technology, gotta love it!  But at least now anyone can karaoke, no fancy machines needed.

if you are interested in seeing this in action,we will be doing a separate Teen Karaoke Night using Phoneoke (yup, making this happen) technology over the Summer – on Monday July 1st!

Have fun!

Sharon Long

Teen Services Librarian